Home office chaos!

Working from home is not quite what it used to be.. My 7 month pregnant daughter and her family have recently moved in with me (my son-in-law is looking into going to the reserves + they are saving to purchase their first home).  The once, quiet/still environment that had allowed me to 100% focus on knocking the work out has turned into Paw Patrol on the TV, toys scattered from room to room and a 1 year old baby boy trying to press my computer keys while I attempt to reply to emails.

Of course it can be frustrating at times.. I work at home to get away from the distractions at the office… BUT..  the best memories are made as we stumble through our days.  I will always remember that while I was trying to get a flowchart created this morning (sitting on my bedroom floor), Mackenzie was lying in my bed mumbling something about being blind– Mister poked her in the eye and scratched it.. she couldn’t open her eye until she visited the eye doctor this afternoon and got a contact put in to calm the irritation of the scratch.  While she was whining for over 2 hours on my bed, Mister was bringing me every item that he could reach from my bathroom… Oh, and let’s not forget the phone calls that were rolling in during all this!  Priceless!

I’ll probably keep working from home some days (I’ll just need to lock myself in my room before anyone else in the house wakes up!!)… Even though it’s not the same environment I enjoyed working in so much before, it’s a new environment that I will still be productive in..  I’ll just get to create more memories in this one!!!  Nothing beats that!



When we think no one is listening..

I took a pretty long break from this blog.. I thought it wasn’t achieving what I had hoped it would achieve.  The whole point of writing for the world to read about my reflection of my days is to hopefully reach someone that may need to read what I write…  Maybe someone is having a bad day and just can’t find the smallest silver lining, or maybe someone has lost a loved one and just can’t find a way to deal with their grief, maybe someone out there feels like they’re just not good enough.

Boy was I WRONG!!!  I had a phone call today that reminded me that I only need to brighten one person’s day to make my daily reflections worth writing for the world.  I only need to positively affect one person.  I only need to make one person feel like they aren’t alone!

It’s not like me to quit anything.. I don’t know why I gave up so quickly!  So to the person that brought my blog up on our phone call today…. THANK YOU!  To know that one person (even just every once in a while) reads my blog and feels a sense of positivity, happiness, gratefulness, etc.  .. well, that is all I ever wanted.

Point of today’s post…. Even when we think no one is listening (or reading)… someone out there is.. someone out there hears what is meant for them to hear when they need to hear it..

Quality Hubby Time

So I feel guilty that I didn’t make it to the Book Club’s outing yesterday..  We had all planned to meet up at an art store to create clay pottery.  I was so looking forward to it!!  BUT… my birthday is this Thursday and my husband got me kayaks and a hammock..  I wanted to get on the peaceful lake and spend some quality alone time with my husband (we don’t get a whole lot of alone time).  It was MAGNIFICENT!!

We spent 2 hours working on our paddling technique and figuring out where to put things on a kayak.  We floated around and watched the planes fly over us as they were descending into the airport.. we talked about stuff that we don’t usually get to talk about because there is usually so many other things going on around us..  Just wonderful!

So while there is definitely some guilt about not going to the pottery class, I am so glad that I spent those 2 quality hours with Jason.  Sorry girls!!!!!!

Point of all this… sometimes we have to put our busy lives on pause and make time to spend with our significant others (or any loved one)..  We can’t get the past back.. there’s no reason to look back and think ‘if only I had made two hours available for my loved one’…


I have learned so much over the past two years.. I’ve learned how to live without my handsome boy, I’ve learned how to be non judgmental, I’ve learned how to be more understanding, I’ve learned how to be more giving, I’ve learned how to pace myself, I’ve learned how to appreciate everything and everyone that enters my life..

OK.. I say I’ve learned.. I guess what I mean is that I’m learning (because I continue to learn so much each and everyday).  The key to learning all these things has been ACCEPTANCE!  As this crazy world throws so many different situations my way.. I do my best to take in what is happening and just accept it..  I can’t change what has already happened (nobody can).. the past is the past, whether it’s something that happened 5 years ago or 5 seconds ago.. what’s done is done.. what is.. just is..  This is not an easy rule to live by..  I struggle with it often.. I want to fight against things that I just can’t change.  I want to make others think like me.  I want to go back in time and change choices that I made.  But fighting all this is such a waste of energy and distracts me from moving forward positively and prevents me from soaking in my present environment and the people in it!

So I take in what has happened, I accept what has happened and I move forward.  I don’t just move forward with my head down, telling myself that there is no hope.. I move forward with my head held high, determined to make future situations better..

This blog has stemmed from my recent conversation with the Wise County D.A.’s Office.  I have been waiting more than two years for the driver of the car that killed my son to go to trial..  Looks like I’ll be waiting til the end of summer.  I need this to happen to provide some closure, but I can’t make it happen any sooner than what the judge will allow.  I’ve accepted that the scheduling of this trial is out of my control.  I will continue to put daily effort into having a positive impact on other’s lives.  I will not let this wait.. this ridiculously drawn out wait.. consume my present life.  When it happens.. then I will be there to support my son.  Until then, I will live the way that would make him most proud.

Improving My Day..

It’s been a rough day…  Work took it’s toll on me, emotionally..  There is just no way to make everyone happy all the time.  What I can do, though, is keep a positive attitude, take care of myself and keep trying to always do what is right.  Not to say that I’m not going to be wrong sometimes… but striving to do right is what I truly put 10000% effort into.  So to help me feel better, I went on an almost 3 mile run.. did 300ish sit ups/crunches and decided to blog about turning my crappy day into a day to be grateful for.  If any of you have had a bad day today, please go for a walk or do some stretching..  I have found that the best way to clear my mind and get my mood back in check is to take some time (any amount of time that I can fit into my day) to simply stop thinking and do some sort of exercise.  It never fails me!  I feel good about doing physical activity which helps me be healthy and I removed my mind from what was making me feel down (which helps me feel like I can start fresh)!  I will now head to a warm bath and be grateful that I have hot, clean water to soak in.. I will close my eyes and think how I can make tomorrow be a good day for someone other than myself..  So yeah.. I DO feel better now!