Home office chaos!

Working from home is not quite what it used to be.. My 7 month pregnant daughter and her family have recently moved in with me (my son-in-law is looking into going to the reserves + they are saving to purchase their first home).  The once, quiet/still environment that had allowed me to 100% focus on knocking the work out has turned into Paw Patrol on the TV, toys scattered from room to room and a 1 year old baby boy trying to press my computer keys while I attempt to reply to emails.

Of course it can be frustrating at times.. I work at home to get away from the distractions at the office… BUT..  the best memories are made as we stumble through our days.  I will always remember that while I was trying to get a flowchart created this morning (sitting on my bedroom floor), Mackenzie was lying in my bed mumbling something about being blind– Mister poked her in the eye and scratched it.. she couldn’t open her eye until she visited the eye doctor this afternoon and got a contact put in to calm the irritation of the scratch.  While she was whining for over 2 hours on my bed, Mister was bringing me every item that he could reach from my bathroom… Oh, and let’s not forget the phone calls that were rolling in during all this!  Priceless!

I’ll probably keep working from home some days (I’ll just need to lock myself in my room before anyone else in the house wakes up!!)… Even though it’s not the same environment I enjoyed working in so much before, it’s a new environment that I will still be productive in..  I’ll just get to create more memories in this one!!!  Nothing beats that!


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