When we think no one is listening..

I took a pretty long break from this blog.. I thought it wasn’t achieving what I had hoped it would achieve.  The whole point of writing for the world to read about my reflection of my days is to hopefully reach someone that may need to read what I write…  Maybe someone is having a bad day and just can’t find the smallest silver lining, or maybe someone has lost a loved one and just can’t find a way to deal with their grief, maybe someone out there feels like they’re just not good enough.

Boy was I WRONG!!!  I had a phone call today that reminded me that I only need to brighten one person’s day to make my daily reflections worth writing for the world.  I only need to positively affect one person.  I only need to make one person feel like they aren’t alone!

It’s not like me to quit anything.. I don’t know why I gave up so quickly!  So to the person that brought my blog up on our phone call today…. THANK YOU!  To know that one person (even just every once in a while) reads my blog and feels a sense of positivity, happiness, gratefulness, etc.  .. well, that is all I ever wanted.

Point of today’s post…. Even when we think no one is listening (or reading)… someone out there is.. someone out there hears what is meant for them to hear when they need to hear it..

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