Quality Hubby Time

So I feel guilty that I didn’t make it to the Book Club’s outing yesterday..  We had all planned to meet up at an art store to create clay pottery.  I was so looking forward to it!!  BUT… my birthday is this Thursday and my husband got me kayaks and a hammock..  I wanted to get on the peaceful lake and spend some quality alone time with my husband (we don’t get a whole lot of alone time).  It was MAGNIFICENT!!

We spent 2 hours working on our paddling technique and figuring out where to put things on a kayak.  We floated around and watched the planes fly over us as they were descending into the airport.. we talked about stuff that we don’t usually get to talk about because there is usually so many other things going on around us..  Just wonderful!

So while there is definitely some guilt about not going to the pottery class, I am so glad that I spent those 2 quality hours with Jason.  Sorry girls!!!!!!

Point of all this… sometimes we have to put our busy lives on pause and make time to spend with our significant others (or any loved one)..  We can’t get the past back.. there’s no reason to look back and think ‘if only I had made two hours available for my loved one’…

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