Improving My Day..

It’s been a rough day…  Work took it’s toll on me, emotionally..  There is just no way to make everyone happy all the time.  What I can do, though, is keep a positive attitude, take care of myself and keep trying to always do what is right.  Not to say that I’m not going to be wrong sometimes… but striving to do right is what I truly put 10000% effort into.  So to help me feel better, I went on an almost 3 mile run.. did 300ish sit ups/crunches and decided to blog about turning my crappy day into a day to be grateful for.  If any of you have had a bad day today, please go for a walk or do some stretching..  I have found that the best way to clear my mind and get my mood back in check is to take some time (any amount of time that I can fit into my day) to simply stop thinking and do some sort of exercise.  It never fails me!  I feel good about doing physical activity which helps me be healthy and I removed my mind from what was making me feel down (which helps me feel like I can start fresh)!  I will now head to a warm bath and be grateful that I have hot, clean water to soak in.. I will close my eyes and think how I can make tomorrow be a good day for someone other than myself..  So yeah.. I DO feel better now!

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