It truly is the thought that counts…

Good evening Friends…  I absolutely MUST share what I experienced today.  I have a friend at work (we’ve worked together for probably a couple years).. we talk when we are around one another and he usually makes me laugh.  BUT..  we don’t call, text, email, meet up for double dates.. GREAT guy to know!  But I had no idea just how great until today.  I must give you a little back story before filling you in on what happened..

I’ve written before about my 17 year old passing two years ago.  His favorite cartoon movie was The Iron Giant when he was very young (I can’t tell you how many times I watched that movie… it’s really really cute).  I had the Iron Giant engraved on Bubby’s tombstone.. family, friends and myself have tattoo’s of the iron giant in remembrance of him.  Now that you know this, let me talk about today…

This guy tells me he has a gift being delivered to his home for me since last week.  I, of course, get super excited (thinking it’s some crazy pair of shoes or something—cause that’s just how I think).  His wife and small sons bring the gift to work today and hand me this beautiful bag with a beautiful ornament hanging on the front of the bag…  So I’m thinking, “That bag doesn’t look big enough to be containing a pair of shoes”… I pull out a framed drawing of the iron giant holding a small boy in his hand..

Of course my heart just melted.. and of course, the tears couldn’t be held back.. But I’m telling you .. the emotion I was feeling wasn’t necessarily because I received this beautiful, framed drawing of a character my handsome baby boy loved so much.. The emotion that just overwhelmed me was an emotion of disbelief and awe..  This great guy and his wife and children remembered (I honestly am surprised he even knew) how much this iron giant means to me.  They went out of their way (two years after the fact) to get me this piece of art, frame it and put it in such a beautiful bag with such a beautiful ornament..  I couldn’t hug them enough..

This act of kindness will never be forgotten.  I have many people in my life that have been so supportive and loving to me, but this… I never saw it coming.  I don’t know that I know how to express the appreciation of this loving act  (Of course I’ll always be here if these kind people ever need anything), but there are simply no words to explain how warm my heart feels.

I will use this feeling to remind me, as often as possible, just how important it is to stop long enough and think about what makes someone other than myself happy… truly happy.  What a beautiful act.. What a magnificent feeling I have.. I hope I can make someone feel like this one day..

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