What a difference 15 minutes can make!

Exercising is important to me.  I encourage just about anyone I come into contact with to move…  just move.  Even on the days that I’m too tired to go run for 45 minutes or too sore to lift weights for 30 minutes.. I MAKE myself do random exercises for at least 15 minutes.  It makes such a difference in how I FEEL!  Exercising is not just an attempt to achieve the ‘perfect body’… it gets our blood pumping, gets our minds off our stressful lives.  I feel like a new person when I’ve completed some sort of physical activity!! There are a lot of exercises that I cannot perform due to the pain in my knees, so I modify..  So.. my hope for this blog is to reach someone that is willing to give it a shot..  If you are not getting enough physical activity in your life, please dedicate 15 minutes-3days/week just going on a medium paced walk.  Anything is better than nothing!  You may feel so good that you decide to bump it up to 30 minutes!  Just get moving people!

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