Productivity App …

OK..  So I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I have begun using a productivity app.  I’ve used it for one week… so far so good.  I’ve completed all my tasks that I had scheduled to complete as well as completed all of my exercise days/times!  LOVE IT!  It really helps me to hold myself accountable.  I only use it for non work related tasks and goals (I use other products to assist me in keeping track of my work tasks/goals).  I have found that keeping my personal life and work life tasks and goals documented in separate places helps me to feel more in control.. when I had them all in one place, the list just looked so long and overwhelming…  plus it felt like I just had a work life that occasionally had personal life thrown in the mix.  Now I feel like I can track my personal life all on its own and it helps me to feel like I have a life outside of work!!  So, as technologically challenged as I am…  I use an app.. successfully!!!!!

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