Fighting Frustration!

This has been such a frustrating day!!  I will not go into the details, but getting through today has been tough!!… And I even did my yoga this morning!!  The only thing that I could think of that could simply flush the frustration away in an instant was to get the grand babies..  I picked Buddy up from day care, Mack brought Mister and Har over… and we just played.  Played all through dinner time..  That is all it took.  The love and smiles from my babies.  I then went for an almost 4 mile bike ride, did my ab challenge… after my blog, I will finish the work that I left behind this afternoon.  I just needed to step away.. get something or someone to completely remove myself from the frustration.  I’m fully aware that there will be times that simply walking away from the frustrating situation may not be an option, but when it is… I’m walking..  Not for too long.. just long enough to get back on track. We can’t be completely focused and in the zone when frustration gets the best of us.. I also added an app to my phone that is focused on productivity.  There are many helpful sections of this app..tasks, goals, reminders, journaling, and so on… I have set a reminder for everyday to stop what I’m doing to take a break, breath and stretch.  I figure that will be a good habit to develop in the instances that walking away from a frustrating situation isn’t an option.

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