Must Be Mindful!!!

While on my run this evening down to the lake, I really worked on being mindful of my surroundings (the smells, the views, the sounds).. such beauty.  I recently had the opportunity to visit a beautiful island.. I have found myself constantly thinking about the extraordinary views on that island.. so much, I wasn’t paying much attention to the beauty that I LIVE around!  I saw rabbits, a momma and baby deer.. I smelled the trees, stopped and smelled some flowering bushes.. I walked out on the dock and took in the lake air.  What a shame to have missed out on such raw nature!  How lucky am I to be healthy enough to take a jog along a quiet, heavily tree’d road?!  How fortunate am I to be able to hear the birds chirping and singing while watching super cute bunnies hop along the road that I’m traveling?!  I MUST put more effort into being mindful of my surroundings!  I suggest we all put effort into slowing down and appreciating what we have in and around our lives… even if it is just a bunch of trees and bunnies..   We get one shot at this life and I, for one, want to soak in every ounce of it!

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