Getting Back In The Saddle

Whew!  Now that the emotional Easter holiday is behind me… let me move forward! I’m just a simple human being.  I’m going to have my emotional days, frustrated days, angry days, and so on..  I can’t always be happy-go-lucky (that would just get on everyone’s nerves)!.   So I woke up this morning, dry shampoo’d my hair, applied some mascara and headed to the office!  I was able to focus much better today compared to the end of last week…  I just keep telling myself that each day is a new day.. a new page to write.  I can’t let negative or emotionally draining feelings flow over from one day to the next..  I finished work, ate dinner, worked out.. now I’m blogging!  I will pick back up on my ‘Good Time Journal’ (this is the last week to document) and then get ready to be positive and productive for tomorrow!  I guess the point of all this rambling is to let you guys and gals know that it’s ok to get down…  just be sure to get back up!  Happy Monday Friends!

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