They’re only little for so long..

I’m sitting on my couch while writing this.. looking all around my house at the disaster that my grandson’s have left behind after their visit this afternoon.  I just let out a big ‘sigh’ because I know that as soon as I finish writing to you this evening, I will need to get up and put the toys back in the toy cabinet..  I’ll need to wipe the dip dip off the table that Buddy smeared.. and I’ll need to find the toddler chair that Mister pushed into some other room.  My grandson’s are 1 and 2 years old.  It can be pretty crazy when they are both here at the same time (which, thank God, is often)..  Even though there is no down time during and after their visits, boy do I soak it all up and absolutely love it!

What mistakes I made while raising my own children.. how I took for granted the time I had with them during their different stages of growing up.  Of course I regret the way I parented.  But I can’t go back and change it.  I can only use my past mistakes as learning tools.  So I will use what I have learned and be the most awesome Kiki these babies could possibly ask for!  Babies are only babies for so long, kids are only kids for so long, crazy teenagers are only crazy teenagers for so long..  I so enjoy having this messy house to look at after they leave.. it means we played.  And the dip dip on the table means we sat down and had dinner together.  That’s the good stuff..

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