Smelling Nature

So tonight was ‘running’ night.  My hubby and I run around 3 miles 3-4 times per week.  We usually just run in our neighborhood.  Tonight he decided we would ride our bikes for a few miles.  I’m lucky enough to live around a pretty heavily wooded area and the lake is a 5 minute bike ride away. … WOW!  Feeling the breeze, smelling the trees, listening to locusts and watching the rabbits run across the road…  I am going to make a point to run/bike outside of the neighborhood at least 1 day a week!  Just being surrounded by trees was enough to make me completely clear my mind!  No thinking about the job, no thinking about coordinating the upcoming Easter holiday, no thinking about the horrific trial that we are going to have to sit through (driver that caused my son’s death trial).  As much as I like having the convenience of the mall just down the street, I am seriously a fan of being out in the woods!!  I think I’ll sleep with my bedroom window open tonight.. I wanna smell more of the outdoors!

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