My Good Time Journal

In the current book that we are reading in our book club, each chapter has an exercise to complete.  Chapter 3’s exercise is to commit 2-3 weeks to journaling at the end of each day about the activities that I perform at work.  This isn’t just your everyday journaling… it’s bullet pointing the days activities and gauging (on an actual gauge that I draw) how engaged and energized I get doing each of those activities.  While this may sound kind of corny (it really did to me), it really does bring to light how I feel (mentally and physically) while performing certain tasks!  I’ve committed 2 weeks to doing this.  Today was my second entry and I’m really impressed with the information I’m learning about what really engages me at work! I never really bought into the whole ‘put your feelings, goals, ideas, etc. on paper… but now that I’m trying really hard to be open minded about new things.. I’m really getting sucked in!  What a difference it makes!  I guess what I’m trying to say here is you should try it too!  Can you tell I’m a little excited about all the new things I’m learning??  Talk to ya tomorrow!

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