Making happen what needs to happen…

WOW!  So after such a busy weekend and realizing that I just couldn’t get everything done that needed to be done, I had to devise a plan that would allow me to complete my unfinished tasks (personal and work related) as well as stay on top of my daily duties for work..  Solution:  Work from home!  I was all alone.  A nice, quiet workspace.  Zero interruptions.  I not only completed the tasks that I couldn’t get to over the weekend, I even tackled the stack of mail that had been piling up!  I know that not everyone has the opportunity to just decide to work from home one day..  so I’m very blessed that I can.  I guess if I didn’t have this kind of opportunity, I could’ve used a PTO day or locked myself in an empty room at work so nobody knew where I was… anything to get the absolute quiet that is needed to concentrate and get things done!  I’m very thankful that I’ve been practicing the information that I’ve been reading in the MANY positive, self improvement books for the last two years.  If I wasn’t learning so much from them, I probably would’ve gone into the office and tried to catch up in the same environment that sometimes gets me so busy that I fall behind…After 41 years of worrying, procrastinating, trying to do it all, trying to please everyone, being closed minded, taking the time I had with people for granted and many other not so great habits.. I have such a weight lifted off of me when I practice what I’ve read!  Simply altering my environment for one day helped me get things back ‘in order’.  I’m still a work in progress, but everyday I learn a little more!  As long as we are learning and striving to improve, we are making a move in the right direction!

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