Mister’s Birthday Madness!!

So today was a little on the chaotic side…  My youngest grandson’s first birthday.  His name is Rhett, but we call him Mister.  Everyone came to my house..  Throughout the course of the entire day, we blew through 60 hot dogs, a double batch of queso and chips, one large pizza, cake and cupcakes and 80 chicken strips!  It was a WONDERFUL day!  I bet I took out at least 4 bags of trash and it felt like I was loading and unloading the dishwasher all day… lots of people.. lots of small children!  My husband asked me multiple times if I was ok.. I guess I looked a little stressed (I kind of was!)..  But while all this was happening, I managed to keep my cool and enjoy the day.  I am able to host my grandchildren’s birthday parties at my house.. I am able to provide food and drinks for many guests.. I am surrounded by a very large, loving family.  I am very thankful for these things. Very grateful to be in this situation that is creating all this chaos..

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