Remembering What’s Important

So my husband and I have an amazing relationship…this last week has been a bit rough though.  After a week of being pretty hard headed, I had to remind myself that just because I didn’t agree with something he said, we love each other way too much to keep this tension in the air.  I made a point to stop what I was doing at work and call him to tell him I love him and that I was sorry for saying things that hurt his feelings.  He, in turn, did the same.  We met each other at home after work and we are right back to our super cool, loving and goofy marriage.  I’m going to put more effort into remembering what is really important.  There was no reason for either of us to hold onto hostility for a week.  That got us nowhere!!  I’m so glad I made that call!  We were able to enjoy all the kids and grandkids at the house this evening while getting ready for my grandson’s first birthday party tomorrow!  Family, friends, relationships…   That’s what really matters..

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