New Hair New Me!

I made a HUGE decision yesterday morning... Cut my hair!  I've had pretty long hair for many many years.  I guess that it just seemed like the right thing to do to help me redefine my look..  Heck, if I'm going to be trying to redesign my life.. why not start with redesigning my look!  So I did it!  Cut over 12 inches off!  I LOVE IT!  That kind of move may not be right for everyone, but it was definitely the right move for me!  I feel fresh, liberated, energized!  I wasn't even nervous when it was time to make the big first cut!  I was relieved as it all started falling to the ground!  And today...  I ROCKED IT!  So while cutting your hair may not be the right first step for any of you out there... give something else a whirl that is out of your comfort zone!  It may just lead you to trying something else.. and then something else...  I'm so looking forward to all my new adventures!

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